Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blow Dry Madness

So, Thursday I was on a routine visit to Beauty First. I had a coupon that also certified that I got a free gift with any purchase. Always exciting in my book.  Anyways, the free gift ended up being this...

Kenra Blow-Dry spray. 

Well, let me just say, I have been missing out! The first thing that got me was how amazing it smells. I wanted to pour it all over my body (too far?)  but.. seriously. Anyways, the product does claim to blow dry your hair 50% faster. Well, I don't know about 50% faster (I already have an amazing hair dryer...) but I could tell a noticeable difference in the dry time. 
However, the MOST fabulous part of this stuff, was the way my hair looked and felt after blow drying. Sometimes after I get done with a full blown dry, my hair is a HOT MESS. I am talking frizzy, tangles...the whole nine yards. Anyways, not anymore! My hair was really soft and smooth..and as previously mentioned...smelled really good. 
YES! It's the little things. I know in the scheme of life, a blow dry spray simply just doesn't matter, but hey, it still was a nice little pick me up! 

My little free gift-sized bottle isn't going to last very long, I can already tell you that much. This will be a product I will purchase. 

Way to go Beauty First, your marketing technique certainly worked on me!