Thursday, March 31, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Happy rainy Thursday! At least that's the case here in Nebraska. I'm excited to be back for another link up with Jess @ The Newly.

Time to spill!

I confess...

... "Blue Ocean Wave" is my new favorite candle. I asked you all a few weeks ago about your favorite candles. Well, soon after I was in Bath & Body works to grab a few things and I smelled THIS candle. Ohhhhh SO GOOD! I am almost always a vanilla, pecan pie, make my house smell like fresh baked goods type of candle buyer. But this - this is fresh and an indescribable scent that you NEED for Spring! My only regret is not buying more while they were $12.50!

...I've been battling these weird allergy/cold like symptoms for over a week now! I wish it would turn into something and get it over with! Ugh! I've heard allergies develop later in life and if this is what they are ....  no thanks.

...I have cavities. Yes. Plural. I have had one cavity in my life (probably 15 years ago!) and suddenly I go in for my cleaning and I have multiple (albeit small) cavities! What?! Embarrassing. PS- I do brush and floss my teeth.

...I decided that it was time to put desserts back on the cheat day train. You see, somewhere in the last 6 months I decided...why reserve sweets for Sunday or Monday? How about have a milkshake and brownie every night? Well, my thighs disagree. With Summer around the bend I decided its time to slash those extra cals. And it's HARD! I have to actively distract myself so that I don't seek out some sort of sweet treat every night. I'm sure my body is thanking me.

This cake I made for Easter didn't get entirely eaten. It's been taunting me every night.
What are you confessing this week? Tell me in the comments or link up with us for Confessional Thursday!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

OFW 2016

Fashion Week immediately makes me think about a place that I probably don't belong at... I mean.. maybe two days out of the week I try my hardest to put together a cute outfit. But otherwise it's a free for all over in my closet, and I would say my designer knowledge is slim to none.


I'm totally a girly-girl and the idea of attending a showcase at Omaha Fashion Week sounded super interesting and fun. Since my friend Kristin {A Midwestern Mix} was able to score us VIP tickets -  we collaborated with some of our favorite local businesses to make the night a real treat. And luckily, with Kristin's eye for fashion and designer expertise, she made sure I was up to speed in every area! :)

First things first... Stephanie Moss salon. I had never been to Stephanie Moss salon, so I came in with zero background information. The salon is so gorgeous! It's sparkly and fun and made me want to get pampered!

Second, the staff is insanely kind. Stephanie and Sarah were truly interested in our event, our outfits, and what look we were going for. Ladies, if you have an event coming up - let these two take over for you!  It was SO fun and relaxing knowing that they used their creativity and talents to transform our hair for the evening. And seriously, if you haven't ever had someone give you a blow out- it's worth it.

Sarah styled my hair and I felt so glammed up at the end! She zoned in on what my hair was capable of and I came out feeling confident and ready for the night. (Thanks Sarah! It was SO nice to meet you!)

A big thank you to both of these women who took time out of their busy schedules to make us feel pretty! Also... if you are looking for a new salon, Stephanie Moss Salon is top of the line! While I don't color my hair, the ladies over at Stephanie Moss salon are experts and I would trust them to figure out your best look.

Next -  I want to send a virtual hug out to Sarah Spooner, the owner of Four Sisters boutique. Sarah was amazing and so generous to dress us for the event. She lent her opinions and expertise, and also pointed out a few fun options for us. As soon as I saw cut outs, I knew what I would be wearing to the event. I LOVE THIS DRESS.

Dress & necklace: Four Sisters boutique
Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Hair: Stephanie Moss salon
It was so fun and flowy, yet feminine. I topped it off with this necklace, which added a burst of color to the otherwise neutral palette. I absolutely loved this dress and can't wait to style it a few different ways this Spring/Summer.

You guys, Four Sisters is a gem in Omaha. You can follow them on Instagram and even place an order online (if you aren't  in the Omaha area!) Pop in and let Four Sisters boutique dress you for your next big event, a fun night out, or even to add some cute accessories to your outfit!


On that note, the fashion showcase was totally fun! I am so glad that we went. I snapped a few pictures of the runway - between the gift bags, appetizers and drinks, we had a really great time! I loved that some of the designs were things you would actually wear. ;)

Thanks again to the wonderful people who collaborated with Kristin and I for a fun, local night out!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Project Coffee Station

Happy post Easter Monday! Easter weekend was hectic and crazy but we had such a great time hosting our families at our house!
I am SO SO excited to share with you all a project that we completed last week. I've been trying to figure out how to decorate this empty wall in our kitchen for quite some time now. It's fairly wide and it was a little bit overwhelming for me to figure out what to put there. After scrolling Pinterest (ha) for a few hours, I started to think that floating shelves were the way to go. And then I thought... we clearly also need a coffee station for our kitchen! And the vision was born. I told Clay about it on a Friday night. Sunday night we went antique/thrift store shopping.
And found this. I wanted something that had a lot of character, doors, and shelves for extra storage. You can't see the inside, but this has it all!

When I got home from work on Monday, this is what I saw on our kitchen wall:
  To say I was thrilled would be an understatement!! We barely discussed what I wanted the shelves to look like, and I thought this was a project that would extend over the next few weeks. But no. There they were, done! And absolutely perfect. (Side note: Clay is the best :) )

For the next few nights I painted. And stained. And painted and stained some more. For those of you who are curious, I used General Finishes Milk paint in "Linen" for the bottom and the top is General Finishes gel stain in "Java." I cannot say enough about these products. I have no painting experience and milk paint is the easiest thing to use. There is no prepping or priming necessary. I seriously dusted off the thing, took off the hardware and started painting! It took me about 4 coats to get the coverage that I wanted with the Linen color.

As far as the gel stain, I had purchased it for our kitchen cupboards. We haven't gotten to that project yet, but I now know how easy this stuff is to use! (Incredibly easy!) and I love the outcome.

So...without further ado, here is our big (little project) reveal:
And some close ups to show you the details:




I simply could not be happier with how this project came out. And I could not have done this without my husband Clay's handiwork. He made the whole thing come together!
He also made sure that he spaced my cup hooks so that my favorite mug collection could be displayed. :)

And as you may notice, I did end up brushing on a little of the GF gel stain on the shelving sides. We thought it added a little more to the whole look.

And you can now find us making a cup of coffee and staring at our little station. Because it's so cozy and we LOVE IT!

If you are thinking about a paint project, I cannot recommend GF products enough!

Have a great day!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dear 18 Year Old Me...

An actual picture of me in study hall :)

I bet right now you are sitting in study hall and thinking about how in a few short months you will graduate, move out, and be free!

And the freedom will be A-MAZING. Long gone will be the days when you have a midnight (or 11 p.m. on weeknights) curfew. You are probably imagining all the fun you will have between 1 and 5 a.m. Lord knows that’s when the best stuff happens! And all of the new guys you will meet. And all of the parties you will go to that the parental units previously ruled out. Just imagining it all is probably making the time move even more slowly.
The reality is, time doesn’t move as slowly as you think it does. In the blink of an eye, 10 years will have passed. So hear me out. I have a few things I want you to know.
Choose your actions carefully
It’s okay to not know who or what you want as an 18-year-old. In fact, it is really the only state of mind you can possibly be in. But while you are exploring and making new and independent decisions, remember that your words and your actions always impact people. And it may be years down the road before you know how deeply you have hurt someone. So take a cue from me, weigh your words heavily. Weigh your actions even more. Some things simply cannot be taken back.
Make your own decisions
I know you are stubborn, but surprisingly, you love to let others impact how you want to live your life. Stop! Stop doing what other people think  “seems like a good idea.” News flash: this is usually because it benefits them the most. Figure out the things that you love (you already know what they are, they have never changed!) and do them. Don’t let small obstacles stand in your way. I promise you will end up doing them either way, just a few years behind schedule. Save yourself the trouble.
Enjoy your roommates
I know… after awhile, it’s hard cohabitating with 3-5 other people who all have different opinions about which way the toilet paper goes. And the proper temperature for a household. And how to load the dishwasher. But trust me, they are teaching you a great lesson in the future. And I promise you, as each year passes, it becomes harder and harder to find two hours to even have dinner together! Cherish the days when you see these wonderful people more hours per day than you will per year. Plus, you could probably learn a thing or two from them. You actually don’t know everything.
Don’t Settle
Remember all of the nerdy romance books you used to read as a pre-teen? Well…it’s not going to be like that. But guess what?  It can be a little bit. Stop settling for options that aren’t even close. I know he seems nice. I know he seems like he has good intentions. But deep down, you know that something isn’t right. When you get that feeling, it’s time to move on. I promise you, you are totally fine on your own. Plus, heads up, you are going to meet someone who would rather die than ever make you cry. Don’t give up until it’s him.
Lose the Expectations
I know you are assuming you are going to get married at 22. And I know you think that there will be a baby on the way a few years later. Those are really nice thoughts, but they aren’t your story. Some of your friends will make this a reality, and when you hold their sweet babies, you may feel like you will never have what they do. And it may sting a little. But guess what? I’m not going to tell you to stop feeling that way. However, you must understand that God’s timing is perfect. And no matter how many times you hear this, it won’t feel perfect until you are standing where I am. But you will believe it then, and it will be worth it.
I wanted to include that if you would just listen to me (or maybe your mom!) it would make a lot of things easier. But I know you, and I know you prefer to learn things the hard way.
And you know what? That’s okay. The hard times will make you stronger. Your bad decisions will make you wiser. And all of those things together will make you overwhelmingly thankful to stand where I am today.
Good Luck!
Your Future Self
*this originally appeared on Her View From Home 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life Update {Random Thoughts}

I have so many exciting things going on right now, I feel like I am in the middle of a tornado! But.. in a good way. That really didn't make much sense. Oh well!

Random thoughts:

  • We are SO CLOSE to finishing up a little house project that I cannot wait to show you guys! AHHHH! It's  been consuming us since Monday but we are super close to being done.

  • We are hosting Easter at our house! See above. Yeah, bad timing. :) Actually, great timing because we WILL get it done in time for our guests!

  • Did you notice Sweet & Modern looks a little different? YEP! Bear with me while I implement all the new links, etc. And I have more to share on our makeover. But for now, I'm just enjoying staring at it.

  • I LOVE the Pioneer Woman. I swear all of my favorite recipes are from her. So, no surprise that I seriously love her Walmart line. I picked up this cheery tablecloth recently ... and I love it. If you haven't browsed it, she has so much to chose from! I want it all.

  • Random question of the day: what is the  best candle to burn around the house? I'm thinking affordable, burns well and has a noticeable scent. I typically use Woodwick or Bath and Body works. I'll throw in a Yankee candle every now and again as well. But.... I'd love to hear your opinions!

  • I heard that today is National Dog day. I feel like every day is a national holiday of some kind.. but I won't pass up a reason to post a picture of my little munchkin. Who is totally acting like a teenager lately....
Brick with his new nap mat.

One of my favorite pictures from the first week we had Brick. <3

Typical Brick face.

Thanks for hanging with me today... and for tolerating my hectic schedule lately! Have a great Wednesday! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Recap + more

Happy Monday! I am feeling so refreshed after this weekend. Much needed fun and R&R! I know no one wants to hear a word for word recap on the weekend, so I'll share a few highlights!

-Friday I got to hang out with my sister for a quick after-work dinner. We don't get to spend a ton of time together so it's always nice to chat! Friday night I poured over Pinterest until I created my own "vision" for our empty kitchen wall. Photos to come as soon as that project is complete!

- Saturday we juiced oranges and I made those amazing waffles I talked about here. So basically the best breakfast ever. And Clay made bacon and eggs... so.... heavenly.

-Sundays are typically my favorite day of the week. This Sunday was no exception. We got to go to church, lunch with some family, and then we took off for some thrifting. Due to my recent kitchen vision, I had some items in mind that we would need. We ended up at Imaginarium Antiques.. which... if you live anywhere in the Omaha area, I would strongly suggest this  place for your thrifting/antiquing needs :) Not only did we find the exact piece I wanted (and for cheap!), I found several pieces that honestly would have worked great. It's rare that you have options when you have something specific in mind! I am SO excited to get this project underway.

**Side note, on Sunday, I left my phone at home for our whole day. I loved being "free" from checking any social media or answering anything in general. However, I wanted to take pictures of all of the cool stuff we found! Next time! :) **

Speaking of projects, I will still be posting my vanity reno on the blog. I am waiting for a few pieces to complete the look! ;)

On Saturday I also felt inspired to start a few Spring cleaning projects. I wiped out half of my closet as well as cleaning a lot of windows (gross!). And then today... I felt even more inspired when I read Katie Elizabeth's blog on ways to refresh your home for Spring! Check it out HERE!

That's all for today! Have a great Monday!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Review: NYX Pore Filler

I  have been waiting for Friday ALL WEEK!  Like everyone else. But as previously mentioned, I could use a little sleep-in tomorrow and I plan to take full advantage!

Last night I hit Omaha Fashion Week with A Midwestern Mix and you guys... we had so much fun. I'll recap the night {and all of the amazing people who got us ready for the event} in the coming weeks! I had no idea what to expect out it, but it really was awesome!

Anyways, on to business.

I can't be the only one who has annoyingly large pores in the most obvious places, right? Well, if I am, then so be it. But I doubt that. So what do you guys love to use to correct this issue? Obviously foundation helps a ton, but I love putting something on beforehand. Straight primer doesn't do a lot for me in the pore department. I'm wanting a primer/pore eraser mix!

I am aware of a few great products, one of them being Benefit Pore-fessional. I really do like this stuff and think it works -but when I ran out, I didn't run back to the store to replace it. Why? Well, its around $30 for a little tube. And yes, it does last quite a while. But I am looking to get thrifty.

So, when I saw NYX Pore Filler for $13.99 I thought...totally worth a try!

Here's the deal. If you have used Porefessional, you can probably attest to the fact that it really does "erase" the pores. It gives you a really, really smooth canvas to work with. It also gives you that "velvety" finish feeling- which  I personally love.

So as for NYX- it basically looks like the same formula when it comes out of the tube. It is tinted  (like Porefessional) and it has the velvet consistency. It feels great on your skin!


And this is a big but. It did not erase my pores.

Umm okay? Sort of the whole point. It seems to be great as a smoother/primer- but it's literally called Pore Filler. And it didn't do that.

So I have to be honest and say this was a big miss for me! I'm definitely going to take it back. And .. I guess put my $14 towards another Porefessional purchase.

Has anyone else tried NYX? Let me know in the comments!  And as always, if you have any favorites that you think compare, PLEASE share!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 17, 2016


I am officially blaming Daylight Savings Time for this week. I have no other excuse for my extreme exhaustion. Well, maybe that I stayed up watching the Bachelor and ATFR until 1:30 on Tuesday didn't help, either. Whatever!

We are linking up with Jess at The Newly again for Confessions!

I confess...

...Facebook had to tell me it was St. Patrick's Day. And then I had to dig through my pile (see #4) to find a green shirt. Annoying. PS- Happy St.  Patrick's Day. I have never really celebrated this holiday, minus the year that I was in Chicago for the event. And that was really fun! Facebook also reminded me of this day with this fun green river pic...

...Last night I folded my husband's laundry. But I piled the clothes around me on the couch so I didn't have to move while doing it. Yep, that lazy.

...I've had a brownie sundae every night this week. I really cannot say no to a warm brownie and ice cream.

...Another laundry situation: I have been pulling my clean clothes out of the dryer and throwing them on the guest room bed. For 2 weeks now. The pile is substantial. I cannot find my clothes anymore. I am currently searching for an assistant to help me clean this mess up this weekend.  I cannot tackle the job mentally.

...I was SO happy with the Bachelor outcome. I teared up during the proposal. And I have no problem saying that this was my absolute favorite season of the Bachelor. EVER. 

...and on a related note, I am SO SO SO happy that Caila isn't the Bachelorette. I'm happy it's JoJo,  but more so just pleased that it's anyone but Caila.

...I seriously dread shaving my legs. EVERY TIME! Why is it so hard?!

...I have become the type of person who hits the snooze button no less than 3 times. When did this happen?! I swear I didn't used to be like this.

I'm out of here! Tonight I am hitting the red carpet (haha, not really) at Omaha Fashion Week! It should be a good time and you can guarantee I'll share with you all soon!

Have a happy St. Pat's!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

{10 on Tuesday}

Today we are linking up with September Farm blog for 10 on Tuesday! I love this link up and the fact that it's 10… ANYTHING!

Here we go!

1. I am currently testing out this scent from Chanel. So far, SO good. It's the most subtly sweet scent and I am sort of obsessed. 

2. Okay, I have heard about the Sigma cleaning mat on repeat. All the time. Multiple blogs. And I was like "Yeah, cleaning your make up brushes suck. I don't do it as often as I should. But.. why is this necessary?" Well… the other day I realized I seriously need to clean them more often. And so when I stumbled on the Sigma Beauty cleaning mat while browsing,  I thought… why not? And you guys… I'm here to say that I'm sorry for what I said. This is a real life game changer.  Why you ask? Before, I would swish, clean, rinse, swish, clean rinse FOREVER (or what seemed like forever) just trying to get the make up out of my brushes. I don't know who invented this thing, but they knew what they were doing. In just a few swishes and strokes, my brushes were totally clean. 

AND… this mat suctions into your sink which makes it super, super easy and quick. It's $20ish depending where you get it. And it is $20 well spent. 

Repeat after me… GAME. CHANGER. 

3. These shoes. That is all. (See #6)

4. In case you missed it… I got to share about what I've learned so far in marriage on Her View From Home yesterday. You can read it HERE!

5. This March weather is making me SO happy. I don't even mind the rain! I thought for sure we were in for another blizzard, and so far… it seems to be legit Spring. I'll take it. 

6. I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it…. A Midwestern Mix and I are going to Omaha Fashion Week on Thursday. As in the day after tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the post that details it all! 

7. Another reason to love the warm weather… THESE TOPS. I want them all. If it's off the shoulder, just sign me up. You can find this top HERE

8. Bad news on the home front: Brick figured out how to get off the deck. We wondered how long it would take him to figure out that an empty cooler blocking the stairs can be moved! It was nice while it lasted. 

9. My extra  hot husband came home with these the other night. I am a little bit obsessed. And as far as I'm concerned, it's practically a health food. (BUY IT. TRY IT.) Target special. 

10. Lastly, a question for YOU! Where is your favorite place to get reasonably priced wall decor? I am ready to start and finish decorating and I am so overwhelmed! HELP! 

Thanks for reading, and thanks to September Farm for hosting the link up!

Have a sweet Tuesday! 


Monday, March 14, 2016


Hi everyone!

After scrolling all forms of social media, I know I am being repetitive when I say that Daylight Savings Time seriously is killing me today! But... really. I had to drag my body out of bed! Hoping I can get back on track tonight.


Married life. Random topic change, I know. But at this time in life, the question EVERYONE asks me is "how's married life?" And I appreciate the interest. But most of the time I say "Great!" or "Awesome!" Because, truly, it has been.

But for so many reasons. And I've already learned so much in 4 short months. So today, I'm sharing more on that topic. But not here. HERE!

Sweet & Modern packed up and is spending Monday with Her View From Home again ! Feel free to check it out here. And enjoy your Monday, sleep deprived and all. ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Confessional Thursday

I missed the confessional last week and so this week, I am FULL of confessions. Well, sort of. My confessionals tend to stay around the same topics.... here goes.

I confess...

...I didn't start working out again until yesterday. After the flu bug took me out I was like blah. For 5 days straight.

...I finally finished off the GS cookies. They are gone. No more to be ordered until next year. It's kind of a relief at this point. My body is probably going to go into shock.

...that I really don't know all there is to know about makeup. I am still learning everyday! I'm not a professional, just a lady who loves to buy and experiment! But...I talk about revamping your make up bag HERE.

...I don't follow politics anymore than I have to. And by have to, I mean the information that people force me into conversation with, or things I see while browsing the WWW.  Sorry, but it's too overwhelming. What I do see and hear sounds awful. And I am not going to subject myself further. Ignorance is bliss.

...I made meatloaf for the first time ever last night. It was really, really good. At least that's what my husband reported.  If you want a new spin on an old favorite, I would highly recommend this one. Ree, you never let me down.

...that I am seriously considering giving away a large chunk of my clothes. My laundry pile every week and storage issues (and trust  me, I shouldn't be having storage issues) is indicating I have more than I need. Has anyone done the capsule wardrobe? Or something similar? I  need a guide.... I have a hard time giving up pieces of clothing.

Thanks to Jess @ The Newly blog for hosting this super fun link up every week. I LOVE reading all of your confessions! What do you have to confess this week? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Make Up 101

"You are going to think I am really stupid but..."

This is how my very wonderful, thoughtful and intelligent ex roomie started out our phone conversation a few months ago.

Given that she is a fabulous friend, a successful lawyer, and an all around amazing person, I laughed without knowing what was even coming. And assured her there was no way.

"I need help with my make up. Like, complete start over. I'm still wearing Covergirl from Junior High and I'm 30 years old."

Of course, I giggled a little. Side note: there is nothing wrong with Covergirl. Her point being, she was using the same few staples she started with 15+ years ago. And she wanted to up the quality. It was time to get real! And I get it.

I had to quickly remind her that I am by no means a professional (duh), and that my knowledge base and product recommendations come from my preference, experience and opinion only.

That being said... obviously I wanted to help! Are you kidding me?! Talk about a kid in a candy shop. That would be me at Sephora/Ulta/any product store.

So we planned to hit Ulta together when she got into town. As I thought about this, I realized there are probably a LOT of people out there who don't read product reviews, follow make up artists, or watch you tube videos of how to style your make up and hair. I know a lot of people get into this, but a lot just don't. And for that reason, I wanted to write this post.

If you would like to invest in a few great products, but the thought of Ulta or Sephora completely overwhelms you, keep reading! You may be able to pick up a few starters based on this list. Also, ask for help! Someone you know loves make up. And if not, the ladies at Sephora and Ulta are always so awesome. I learn something new every time!

Well, I love Bare Escentuals. Sorry not sorry. I have been using it for 9 years and I really never plan to quit. So yes, I recommend it. And you know what's great? I would recommend it to people,  even like my friend, who have no experience with foundation. Guess what?! No experience needed. I hooked her up with this starter kit. It's truly a great deal as you get ...

Mineral Foundation - (great coverage. easy to use. I promise.)
Warmth - (not bronzer. just… the key to glow.)
Mineral Veil - (the topper as I call it. lock things in. make your skin radiate!)
Primer - (for use on skin after moisturizer and before foundation)
foundation brush - to apply foundation!

 Which is a $116 value for $49. It's a steal.

I do have a few other recommendations if you are totally against mineral powders as your sole foundation.

I think Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation is pretty freaking awesome. Again, I am not into liquid foundation but if  you want to take the time, try this one!

Another option if you don't feel like coverage is an issue... try a tinted moisturizer. I have never been into this but I hear this one here gets a lot of attention! Any other recommendations?

I went off course and bought an Ulta Mineral blush. I recommended it for her and I also bought it for myself. And I am super impressed. It stays on great and I love the shade! To each their own. I say find a shade you like and who cares what brand it is!
in "Tulip"

Next, eyes. I'll tell you what I told my friend. I have spent a lot of money on mascara over the years. Fancy mascara. Drugstore mascara, Vegan mascara. Blue mascara. Black. Blacker. Brown. Volumizing. Lengthening. Fibers. Everything!  And here's the thing.... I can't say it's mandatory to spend all your money in this department.

I look at make up investments in terms of time. How long am I going to use this product before it should be tossed? How long does the actual product last? Mascara (with everyday use) actually has a pretty short shelf life. And even if you don't wear it everyday, the tube tends to dry up. If you are still using mascara after 3 months, throw it. I don't want to get into the details, but bacteria, eyes, transferring bacteria, gross, etc, you get it. Just toss it.

And as far as quality, I have used expensive mascaras I am impressed with as well as drug store mascaras I am impressed with. So, your call. A few of my favorites across the spectrum are from this to this (a cult fav).

Same principle with eyeliner, if you wear it. I still say one of my favorite eyeliners is Revlon Colorstay! But that's just me. There are great (more expensive) options as well. And I'm not knocking them. :)

On to eyeshadow. Again, this is my opinion. I used to buy the little $4 -7 palettes from Target or any drugstore and try different shades, different brands with no real direction. And it adds up! My friend wanted to buy a quality, reputable palette that would last her a long time. I know that $54 seems like a lot, but you aren't going to be running out and replacing this very often. And you can't beat the colors. And quality. Naked 2 all the way!

And while I'm at it, it would be a smart investment to have some eyeshadow primer on hand. My favorite is THIS one.

So, most novice make up wearers (and myself, to be honest) don't do much with their brows. It's kind of an afterthought. I only recently started to fill my brows in more and I feel like it completes the look a little better. So, if you are interested, I would start with something very inexpensive (like e.l.f).  Or, just use a matte, brown eye shadow. Easy enough. Also, seek out videos on youtube. There are so many bloggers who have youtube channels. Google is your friend!

So... some people hate the feeling of lipstick on their lips. Or anything gunky. I totally get it. My friend is one of these people. I recommended Benetint!
In "Rose"

 It's no different than wearing chapstick but gives you a really fantastic color. Great for a "starter" lip color. I will say, experimenting with lip stick colors is super fun. I actually don't have a brand preference myself ( I frequently use MAC or Clinique) but... I have loved some pretty great drugstore colors over the years. To each their own on this. Find a shade that boosts your look! And makes you feel good about yourself. That's what lipstick is really about, right?!

One of my favorite lipsticks in "Plumful"
Don't mind my chipped nails. That's just real life. 

So, I have always used the Bare Minerals brushes as I feel like they hold the makeup the best. My last brush purchase was the precision face brush, and I still love it. But, if you are starting out, Real Techniques is where it is at.

The brushes are quality and will give you great coverage! Not to mention, super affordable.  A few of the brushes I have and some other products I use are pictured below!

Woo! So, that was a sort of long post. But if you are looking to ditch your old make up bag and start fresh, grab a pen and paper and write down a few of these products! Chances are, you will love them. And if you don't, ask someone for a product to benefit your specific needs. 

Good luck!