Monday, April 10, 2017

Update: We have a baby!

Hi you guys! 

If you follow me on Instagram, it's no secret... Baby Beckstrom bumped his due date up by 4 weeks and is now coming up on 3 weeks old!

And also no surprise... we are so in love with him. He is the sweetest baby ever and my heart is bursting! For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mom. And to be honest, it's more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. Every time I look at his precious little face, I cannot believe it is real!

Even when I am so drowsy/tired that I feel dizzy, I am still so thankful for him. :)

Anyways, I just had a few minutes to spare.... #momlife (I've been waiting to do that!) and I wanted to share the good news! 

I have plans to share our nursery tour (umm.. when it's done. We weren't quite ready!) and also Beckstrom's birth story, in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fire Wife Fashion {earring style}

Hi everyone! 

We are cruising through the last weeks of pregnancy (even though it's more like a slow waddle) and I have been TERRIBLE with updates. But at 34 weeks, does anyone want to hear updates about back pain, heartburn, exhaustion and multiple trips to the bathroom throughout the night? I didn't think so…

What you do want to hear about are my new favorite earrings! The talented Alexis of Fire Wife Fashion was so sweet to introduce me to her collection and let me browse until I found a pair that would be the perfect accessory to multiple outfits. I am in love with my chosen earrings and have found they amp up even my most boring outfits!  

Here's the deal with her collection:

Earrings are made of genuine leather and nickel free hooks

Beautiful and affordable

When you buy these gorgeous, trendy statement pieces - you are supporting a small business!

The earrings are SO light that I can wear them ALL DAY LONG. I literally cannot wear other earrings for a full day anymore without taking them out from pain

There are so many different styles… perfect for every personality! 

All styles are unique and make amazing gifts 

I cannot get enough of this darling collection! I have about 10 more pairs on my "want" list and I'm thinking about stocking up on a few to keep for gifts as well!

The good news for you all? I've teamed up with Alexis for ONE reader to win a FREE pair of earrings!   How amazing is that? 

To enter the giveaway:

1. Share this post on Facebook

2. COMMENT on the original Facebook post and/or blog that you shared AND what your favorite style of earring is (this part is very important!)

3. Follow Fire Wife Fashion on Instagram here

The winner will be announced on Friday, March 17th! 

And for those of you who want to shop NOW… you can find Fire Wife Fashion here - and as a special "thanks" - your first order will receive FREE SHIPPING with code "sweetandmodern". 

DON'T WAIT… enter the giveaway now! Find your favorite pair by browsing here

AH! What to order next?! I'm sure I'll figure it out! :) 

Big thanks to Alexis and Fire Wife Fashion for hosting this giveaway! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blanqi Maternity/Support Leggings

Today I am very excited to share about my very favorite maternity item: my support leggings

I heard about Blanqi via Instagram and was super intrigued by the promises they made. I had already added to my maternity collection and found the leggings I owned to be too much pressure on my sensitive stomach, too saggy in the front, or too restrictive throughout my expanding hips and thighs (pregnant ladies… am I right?!) So to say I was skeptical would be an understatement. 

However, as I assume most of you expectant mothers are, I am desperate to feel more supported, comfortable and secure throughout my day. It was recommended to order a size up to ensure  that the tights are not see through, which I did. I sized up to a medium and it was the PERFECT choice. 

My Blanqi maternity leggings are my favorite maternity piece for a multitude of reasons. To break it down, I identified the things that make them above and beyond other maternity leggings. 

I cannot tell you how many times I take off other pairs of pants and see lines ingrained in the side of my legs. Being pregnant comes with its own set of discomforts, and the last thing I need is my movement restricted and my skin being dug into it. With Blanqi, you won't have ANY of this! Completely unrestricted movements and no pressure on my thighs. 

It's a fine line with maternity gear. You want fluid movement, but you also want to feel "held in". Somehow, Blanqi has managed to achieve this all in one! The stomach portion of the leggings is designed for maximum comfort and support. No awkward pressure, but I still feel like I am held in place. 

Well, I wear these leggings everyday. I wash them constantly so that they are always available! 
I am able to wear these to work and dress them up. At the same time, I have worn them to work out in! They hold up beautifully, are NOT see through, and are completely breathable.

Finding a pair of pants/leggings that I can wear ALL DAY LONG has been absolutely priceless. I was hesitant to purchase a pair as it's hard to know what to invest in for pregnancy clothing. But this item has paid for itself over and over. I would recommend these pants to everyone expecting and I would buy myself several more pairs! 

I already have my eye on the Postpartum Nursing leggings and cannot wait to try more Blanqi gear. Being pregnant is not easy… finding clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel good is SO important. Get your pair of maternity support leggings HERE

Special thanks to Blanqi for the privilege of trying their leggings! All opinions are genuine and mine alone. 

Big thanks to Rocking J imaging for capturing my favorite leggings 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Random + quick dinner idea

Hi everyone! It seems rare that I pop in with a weekly hello these days… that's because it is! But here I am! Halfway to 28 weeks pregnant and gearing up for the ever popular glucose test tomorrow. Woo! Not. I've never heard good things so I can't say I'm thrilled. 

Other lingering thoughts…

Choosing a pediatrician...

Wondering what the baby will look like and hoping he isn't 10 lbs at birth...

Getting excited for baby showers! 

And in other unrelated news, we took date night to the movies last night. And we saw M. Night Shyamalan's "Split." It was amazing. It was one of the most suspenseful, disturbing and horrifying movies I have seen in quite some time. We see A LOT of movies. And I would say this is one of my favorites in the last 6 months. I really don't want to give anything away but I highly suggest seeing it. It isn't your standard scary movie scream fest - it is so much more. Sweet & Modern gives it a big thumbs up. :) 

And for a super fast dinner and crowd pleaser…

Taco Skillet. This recipe is SO easy. Your children could make it (if you trusted them with a hot stove).  There are many variations to this recipe… honestly, you can't mess it up. I make it sort of differently every time! But here's the basics:

photo courtesy of Campbells

1 lb hamburger  (or turkey works too!)
1 can tomato soup
1/2 to 1 cup of salsa
1/2 cup water
8 soft tortilla shells (torn into 1 inch pieces)
Shredded cheddar cheese (as much as you can handle!)

1. Brown hamburger in a 10 inch skillet stovetop. Add seasonings as preferred. 
2. Drain grease. 
3. Pour hamburger back in to skillet. Add tomato soup, water, salsa and shells. 
4. Increase temp until it starts to bubble/boil. 
5. Reduce heat. 
5. Add shredded cheese. A little or a lot. (I do a lot!)
6. Let simmer and let the cheese melt. Serve with a dollop of sour cream! 

That's it! Seriously. So flavorful and easy. You can even sneak in spinach or anything else you want to add! I love that this takes under 30 minutes - start to finish - and ONE PAN. Go forth and make this delicious, easy, old Campbells soup recipe. :) 

PS - husband approved! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

26ish weeks

I am almost 27 weeks. But not quite. But basically. It's all very technical. 

I wanted to do another fun, cute questionnaire to update you all on "the bump" progress, but I decided I have enough random thoughts concerning this point in pregnancy that I would simply just share those. 

Comfort is key. Too tight of pants will ruin your day. 

Having the stomach flu while pregnant is the worst. It's always the worst. Being pregnant makes it double suck. 

Underwires suck. Leave them behind. 

I know in the back of my mind I can't prevent stretch marks, but I am trying. Religiously. So far, so good. 

I still don't regret having my belly button pierced. Everyone told me I would once I got to this point. But I don't. (And yes, it's been long gone for awhile now!)

People constantly ask me, are you having cravings? I always say no. But I would say my thoughts are usually 90% about food.

It's getting uncomfortable to bend over. I've noticed to pick something up, I've started doing a weird squat thing. It's definitely not cute. 

Pregnancy brain is real. 

I've learned to try my hardest to not start crying when it "comes on". One, single emotional thought can turn into a huge, ugly cry session. In my car, on the way to a meeting. No thanks. 

I read a lot about how to make your regular clothes last far into maternity. I disagree. If I could go back, I would start wearing the stretchy, high waist things immediately. 

It is still the greatest thing ever when he is kicking, even when it's my bladder. He's wild!

Speaking of bladder, I despise you 4:30 AM bathroom break. You are the worst. 

No strangers have touched my stomach... yet. Apparently this happens.

I can't breathe. 

I need to update my baby registry again. 

Are my ribs breaking? 

Heartburn is the worst. Well, second to nausea. 

I still can't believe he will be here in a few short months. 


Friends who loan you cute maternity clothes are amazing. 

Pregnancy would be so much scarier without my husband. He is the best. 

And so many other things...

Pregnancy is so many things I had heard, but also so many things I didn't expect to feel! The general consensus is always "it's all totally worth it"... and I absolutely believe that! I cannot wait until our little guy is here. 

Here's to 13 more weeks! 


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Meet Jan + giveaway

Hi everyone! Excited to share a little about the lovely Jan... as well as a phenomenal giveaway package for those of you who are local! 

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get a consult with Jan for some much needed TLC on my face. Like many others, this time of year brings about flakiness, dullness and a multitude of other skin ailments. Plus, add pregnancy hormones in to the mix and my skin was screaming for some help. I always feel like a facial is the "reset" button for my skin. Plus, I tell people all the time that I would gladly take a facial over a massage! 

Luckily, Jan is a wealth of information and you can tell that she LOVES her field. I love Jan's passion for her clients and also her huge knowledge base of skin and products. Jan is truly interested in solving your skin questions! I wanted my readers to be able to get to know a little bit about Jan and what she does, so here's an inside look!

Jan of Reflect Makeup Artistry

Describe to readers what you do.
I am an aesthetician and a makeup artist. I love to solve skin care puzzles; find the right pieces for each client's goals and concerns to bring out their unique, natural beauty.

What motivated you to become an aesthetician?
As much as we don't want to admit it, the way we see ourselves, or the way we think other people see us, has an impact on how we relate to others. I want to be a part of giving people something they love about themselves.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen over the years?
Over the last decade there has been a huge shift in clients caring about what is in their products. More and more, people are looking for products with ingredient lists they can read. Ingredients that grow and occur naturally.
At the same time, clients are more informed and cautious with where they spend their dollars. Even over-the-counter products aren't as cheap as they used to be. Clients pay attention and want to be sure there is a noticeable change and benefit from the products they choose to buy. I think everyone is tired of having a department store beauty counter in their bathroom.

What can a client expect during a session with you?
My goal with my clients is to help them navigate all the information and give them results. With blogs, YouTube channels, direct marketing products, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what's worth spending money on. Then we work together to figure out a skin care routine that brings balance. I give you the information you need. You get to make the choice about what path to take.

What should we know about your skin care line?
I work with Eminence Organic Skin Care and I LOVE it. As in all the heart eyes . It's a concentrated, highly active, change-making professional skin care line. All of the products smell amazing and are packed with corrective ingredients. Skin is cleared, brightened, smoothed and HEALTHY. It's a raw food diet for the skin. You can find out more about it here

What is your favorite procedure that you offer to clients?
Custom Organic Facials are my jam. A one hour treatment where we talk about what you love about your skin and what you would love to change. Then we work to jump start those changes. I have amazing tools to use from active products, microdermabrasion and organic peels. I choose the combination that is tailored to give your skin exactly what it needs that day.

What about for those of us who are unsure of what products to use, have never had a facial, or are on a tight budget? 
Change happens the fastest when you combine at home products with professional treatments. Most of my clients' concerns can be addressed in a short series of three treatments with professional skin care at home; then doing a treatment for maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Everybody has a budget to work with (me too!) so what about if that doesn't fit? The products you use on your skin 365 days a year will make a bigger, long term impact toward your goals than a professional treatment on your birthday and anniversary. So if you have to pick one or the other, my vote will almost always side with at home care.

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about yourself, skin care or your career?
I originally wanted to be a teacher; to be a part of the light bulb going on and everything becoming clear. I seek to understand what's going on throughout the whole body that could be contributing to a client's concerns, including lifestyle. Sometimes it's skin care, sometimes it's sugar, but there's always a full picture.

Also, I love cinnamon lattes, independent films and capsule wardrobes.
*Insert.... Sweet and Modern also loves these things. And wishes she had a capsule wardrobe*

Where can we find you?
I work in a treatment room at Face to Face Salon at 8610 Brentwood Drive in LaVista, Nebraska. 402.884.6995

You can also find me Instagram and Reflect Makeup Artistry 

SO... the exciting news is that you can enter to WIN an Organic Custom Facial (1 hour $70 value)!

OR take advantage of this incredible discount: 
A Treatment Series of 3 Organic Custom Facials ($210 value) for $150!

Must mention that you would like to use the Sweet & Modern special when scheduling. Booking must occur by February 1st, 2017. 

TO ENTER to WIN {custom organic facial} :

Follow Jan on Instagram HERE
Like Reflect Makeup Artistry on Facebook HERE
Share this article on Facebook and comment to let us know you did so! 

The giveaway will close on January 11th and the winner will be announced on January 12th! Good luck! 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Designer Wood Watches from JORD

*This post is sponsored by JORD Watches 

Merry Christmas Eve! This month has absolutely flown by! 
I am thrilled to be sharing about this gorgeous watch from JORD. I have always wanted to gift my husband a watch, but I wasn't sure what direction to go. Luckily, JORD Watches reached out to us to select from one of their beautiful designs. 

JORD Wooden Watches

My husband and I had never heard of JORD Watches prior to browsing their selection. JORD watches are handcrafted, wooden timepieces that demand to be seen with their modern and stylish cuts. 

JORD watches are available in both men and women's unique styles. 

The watch my husband chose is the Ebony and Copper design from the Dover Series. 

When the package came, I was completely blown away by how gorgeous this piece is. My husband, Clay, is here today to share with me below! Ladies, if you are wondering what the man in your life may think about a JORD watch, look no more! 

I've never been much of a jewelry person (I think my own wedding ring makes my hand look a little too busy…) but watches are more like a gray area in my opinion.  They at least serve a purpose outside of aesthetics and generally don’t look too gaudy or flashy.  I’ve never owned a quality watch in my life, either, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to at least test the waters and find out if I’m a watch kind of guy.
Initially, I put the watch on my left wrist.  Big mistake.  Two pieces of jewelry (including the wedding ring) on the same hand gave me anxiety and I felt like it was all I, or anyone else for that matter, would be able to focus on.  I immediately moved the watch to my right wrist and that remedied the situation.  Thankfully it only took about 30 seconds to work out all the kinks. 

  I really like the lower profile of the dark wood compared to other shinier or louder materials.  The clear distinction between the dark wood and the actual timekeeping piece of the watch, consisting of several different metals, deserves appreciation, too; particularly, the copper inlay containing the numbers which accents the rest of the hardwood beautifully.  I also really like the exposed “innards” of the watch setting directly beneath hands.  Incredibly intricate and complex, the cogs and gears making up the actual timekeeping piece of the watch are in full view presenting a neat technological disparity between them and the wooden band.  The minute and hour hands are also painted blue which adds a nice splash of color to make the whole thing stand out a little and make it more interesting. 

Overall, the watch is really solid. Looks alone would be enough, but it’s also comfortable and light.  It hasn’t been ripping out arm hairs (a very legitimate concern of mine) and doesn’t make any jangling noises when I walk around (another very legitimate concern of mine.) The JORD wooden watch is definitely highly recommended. Two thumbs up!

My husband LOVES this watch! It is manly, yet modern... and one of the most unique designs I have ever come across. Not to mention.... their packaging is absolutely beautiful! 

From my perspective, I LOVE the designer look of the watch with the unique wooden parts. I think it looks amazing on my husband and I cannot recommend this piece to enough people! 

Which brings me to a very exciting point... We've teamed up with JORD Watches to offer a $25 discount. You can receive your code instantaneously by clicking HERE

The JORD wooden watch would make an amazing present for that special someone... or to treat yourself after the holidays! Head over to JORD Watches to browse their designs!

Special thanks to JORD watches for their beautiful designs and for sharing them with us over the holidays

Wooden Wristwatch