Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Reason Why...

….I haven't been posting is….

Well a few reasons.
#1. Clay and I are ENGAGED! Yes… that guy below.  Happy would be an understatement… I still can't fully believe I get to spend my life with him.

 #2. We went on an AMAZING trip on the motorcycle to Colorado. Below is one of one million snap shots of my handsome fiancĂ© in one of many towns we frequented. More to come on this.. such as a beginners guide to a motorcycle road trip. I would definitely be in the novice category. And still am.. but at the very least, I can offer a few bits of advice.

#3. We are planning a wedding in 3 months. Lucky for me, Clay is super helpful and we are keeping it simple. This has been  a recipe for a pretty smooth planning period. However, I still have things to do (obviously) and my energy is being poured into many different directions! 

So… I will be back.. periodically- and for sure after my planning slows down. I can't wait to share!