Sunday, April 27, 2014


If you follow along with the blog then you know I'm a little bit obsessed with Blow Bars (or blow dry studios or blow salons... or whatever you want to call them!) I documented a few of my blow out experiences in the last year here and here.

Of course when I heard that they were opening a blow dry studio in Omaha, I was pretty excited. Granted, it's not Lincoln, but seeing as how I don't think there are any others in the state of Nebraska, Omaha is a pretty great place for it to go. And... subsequently I started working in Omaha a few weeks ago, so I knew an appointment was in my near future.

I have to start by saying Lark was fantastic! I actually was able to schedule my appointment on their website (extremely convenient) and I received a confirmation email right away. Also, I had a few questions that I asked via email and they responded immediately with the details. Not that I needed any more reason to be excited, but their customer service was fantastic!

So I scheduled my appointment the morning of (coincidentally also my birthday...highly recommend giving yourself a salon treat for your birthday!) and got in with no problem at all.

First of all, Lark is darling. I loved the decor and atmosphere and I was so excited to be there! Lark uses all Bumble and bumble products, which I had no experience with previously. The wonderful Lark stylist washed my hair (the shampoo smells SO good by the way.. always a bonus)  and was very intentional about finding out what kind of style I was going for (which I really appreciated!). The whole blowout lasted a little over an hour from wash to finish and it was so relaxing. There is something pretty wonderful about someone else doing your hair!

I'm slightly disappointed in myself, because after all of my previous blow outs I took a picture, and for some reason I didn't this time. So, trust me in saying I had some wonderful volume, shine and soft waves. I loved the Bumble and bumble products, the end result, and the kind and friendly staff ...and basically my whole experience at Lark.

Lark offers blowouts for $40 across the board... which is a great price for the experience and result. Your hair will feel so amazing... if you haven't tried it yet.. try Lark!

Check out their website here. You can browse various styles AND book an appointment! Next time you have a big event (or just feel like getting pampered!) and are in the Omaha area... I highly recommend booking with Lark- you will not be disappointed!

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